Coach Dan Green

Coach Dan Green
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Meet the Athletes

Meet the Athletes
2014 Elite - Team Green Running

Training with Dan Green

Training with Dan Green
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20 Oct

Always Looking Ahead

The teasing weather we have been experiencing is a sign of great things to come. Every runner loves that 45-55 degree morning run. Just in the phase where my mileage will start to increase; we will start to see some great morning and afternoon weather temps slowly drop! It’s been a rough summer putting in the quality work in the heat and humidity here in Texas. Not only for me but for Sam who just debuted her first marathon this past weekend in Chicago! So proud of her! Seeing the improvements along the way brings me excitement and the motivation that one day (down the road), I will experience my first marathon!

19 Oct

Committed to Excellence Through Running

Team Green Running is committed to excellence through running. To accomplish this goal TGR runners, in all four tiers (Youth, Competitive, Masters, and Olympic Development), participate in USATF events through out the country.  TGR is not a social club it is a running club.  The main focus of our athletes is to get faster.  No matter where you are ability wise the team shares the common goal of getting better.  


17 Oct

A word from the Coach...

I’m home from Chicago and back to work.  What a weekend!!
07 Oct

If everything's under control, you're going too slow

“If everything’s under control, you’re going too slow.” – Mario Andretti

As I was taking the stairs one day at work, I noticed this quotation painted on the wall.  It really made me think about my life and the things I am doing.  Ever since I graduated from Baylor and moved to Houston/The Woodlands, my life has been organized chaos…there are very few moments where I feel like I am in control of anything in my life.  While this can be scary and overwhelming at times, I believe the most challenging moments cause us to grow the most.  

22 Sep

Are you getting enough rest to boost athletic performance?

It is important for athletes to have a purpose in their training. Most runners today run for fitness, and this is a great reason to lace-up the old shoes. When fitness is your goal it is best to do various methods of training to achieve your goal to minimize the over-use syndrome. However, if your goal is to be a great runner, the best way to get there is Running! Not cycling, not swimming, not weight lifting. There is a very important law of physiology, the law of specificity that comes into play when athletes are looking for the optimal methodology to achieve their goal. There maybe times where one has to use alternate means of training but it is only a substitute. I once asked Coach Joe Vigil his thoughts on cross training. He asked me if I knew who Liberace was.