Meet the Athletes

Meet the Athletes
2014 Elite - Team Green Running

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Sponsoring Team Green Running

Sponsoring Team Green Running

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Training with Dan Green

Training with Dan Green
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Youth Track & Field

Youth Track & Field

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Coach Dan Green

Coach Dan Green
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27 Jul

A word from the Coach... July 27th

Negative thought, and negative talk can make a good workout a terrible experience, and a workout with very little positive effect. 

More and more research is pointing out the positive effect of training in a hot and humid environment; however, that positive effect can be minimized or even negated by a negative perception of the environment. We all know how the heat and humidity feels, so talking about the negative aspects of it only serves as a training deterrent and it can put the one talking as well their training partners in a mind set that inhibits development. Seemingly innocent comments such as: “Man it is so hot”, “I hate this heat”, “I wish we were training were it was cooler”, etc. can wreck the team’s attitude and make training that much harder.


Is it hot? HELL yes it’s hot!!!! This is the Greater Houston area and its July, what do ya expect???

25 Jul

I'm here for the Kolaches! (and the Running...)

As a foreigner to Texas, I didn’t know what true love really meant. And then I went to the Kolache Factory and had my first… it was warm and fresh out the oven moments before we arrived. I bit into it and was in awe how the soft dough swaddled the egg, potato and cheese; which flavors mixed together to make an unforgettable taste that melted in my mouth as the craving for “just one more!” stayed with me the rest of the day. Once I learned it was an exclusive Texas thing, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live anywhere else.
So I didn’t know about true love, but I did know a little bit about running. I graduated this May from Virginia Tech and had the honor to represent the Hokies all four years in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor track. I come to Team Green with unfinished business and, to quote Coach Green, put “my feet in the fire” to reach my full potential.

22 Jul

Late Bloomer

During high school many of my classmates, teachers and friends knew me as the runner who ran all the time and everywhere and it wouldn’t be a rare site seeing me run in their neighborhoods, highways and of course the track. Even while I was working at the local Academy I would run during my lunch break since I did have an hour I would squeeze in anything between 4 to 6 miles change out of my running clothes dry off with a towel and put on some fresh clothes and cologne to not feel so disgusting. What many don’t know is that I wasn’t very good in the beginning, let me re-phrase this, I was VERY BAD! How bad you must be thinking? Well, let me put it this way there are 3 groups in high school the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and of course Freshman and each group is made up of 7 runners. I didn’t make the varsity team and I didn’t make the J.V team and by default I was in the Freshmen team ranked #7. There was literally 20 runners who were faster than me, and half of them
consisted of soccer players!

20 Jul

A word from the Coach... July 20th

Team Green is off to a great start with with two solid weeks of workouts as the new athletes get acclimated to a new training system and the wonderful Greater Houston heat and humidity.  This will be a tough place to train for the next couple of months, but then 7800 ft above sea level can get pretty severe and so can winters of minus zero temperatures. The point is if you are looking for something easy.... Don't be a distance runner.

14 Jul

A word from the Coach... July 14th

For programs to consistently be successful several things must happen: the program must be physiologically sound; the training must be event specific; athletes must believe in the training; the coach must be a passionate student of the program and the team.

Having Knowledge is not enough. There are people in coaching positions that have a wealth of knowledge in the sport of track and field; many have master’s degrees, and PhD’s, yet they are not successful coaches because they lack passion for the sport and the people they work with.

The most successful coaches coach people, not events! When you are a people coach your athletes understand that you are more concerned about them, than the race and this helps them develop confidence in the coach and the training program.