18 May

A word from the Coach...May 18th

Coaching is an extremely difficult job, that’s why so few are successful. Posting workouts, being a role model, supporting and encouraging athletes are only a few of the tasks of the coach.  Successful coaches get their athletes to the line ready to race.  To do this the coach must take charge and direct athletes, not only on the track but also in every aspect of the athlete’s life, diet, sleep, work, etc., anything that can have an influence on the race.

15 May

Ils Sont Patit

We all have the perfect season in mind. First meet of the year smashing out at PR. Securing a qualifying mark for USA championships. No sickness or injuries, and Always have grand slam workouts. Unfortunately life happens. Even if we are able to hit the perfect workout, get enough rest and stay focused through training; we still have to put it together in a race. The entire season we have tried to focus on building that mental strength aspect just as much, if not more, than the physical part. It will never cease to amaze me what the mind can try to tell you when there is a high level of pain you’re experiencing.

18 Apr

On the Road to Recovery

Three weeks back into running and I have to say...it feels great to be back! I'd like to add that it's no fun losing your strength and fitness faster that you gain it. Each day has felt like a challenge and my endurance has a bit to go. 




07 Apr

A word from the Coach....April 6

In our high tech culture, sometimes we loose sight of the purpose of why we are training.  With the Internet teaming with all the info one needs to run fast and all the gadgets that tell you how fast you run, where you ran and when you should to go to the bathroom, it is no wonder athletes loose focus of why they run. You train to compete!  When this sport first started it was all about winning. You and I race to the end of the property line and the one that gets there first wins.  After this statement the first thing most people are thinking is: “I’m not fast enough to win”.  That’s true in most cases, but you can run the race as though to win.  I believe the apostle Paul wrote those very words in the New Testament.