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Meet the Athletes
2014 Elite - Team Green Running
27 Aug

Finding a Balance

Running has always brought me joy and balance in my life. It allows me to keep both my mind and body in shape and focused.  I enjoy the fact that running requires discipline and forces you into a strict routine. That what you eat and when you sleep in integrally connected to your run the next day or even a month later. However, I am at a point in my life where everything I do no longer revolves around running. In fact, many days I don’t even think about running until I put on my running shoes.  This is a hard change for someone who ran for 10 years competitively and who truly loves the sport.  It is hard to find the balance between having a career, being a wife, and being a runner.

22 Aug

Mistakes or learning to take it to the next level?

Looking back on the 2014 season, I think I competed better than I ever have.  I tinkered with my racing strategy in every way possible (i.e. leading races, middle of the back, back of the pack).
I think trying all of these tactics have helped me to become a better racer, and I no longer fear making mistakes in races.  That is a fear I believe many athletes have ---- making mistakes.  Through making several mistakes in my races this year, I believe I learned so much about myself as an athlete.  This growth I have made will definitely show up in my future training and competition!!
22 Aug

Houston Distance Running & Marathon Seminar

Thank you
The blog is a bit late; I needed a little recovery time from the weekend’s event, the Houston Distance and Marathon Seminar. 
It was an awesome seminar.  The attendance was sparse, but the presentations weren’t! 
I feel so blessed to have been a small part of the team that made this event a reality.  
I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Express Hot Yoga of the Woodlands West, Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, and Advocare for their support in this endeavor.   
09 Aug

The move of my life

Austin (my hometown – the music capitol of the world and the weirdest place I will ever know) to Houston (the tropics - where no one knows how to drive safely).



04 Aug

The Long Run.....

A word from the coach.....
Long runs are an essential to distance running, and yet long runs are, for the most part, very poorly used. Generally speaking long runs are 20-25% of a runners weekly volume. That’s huge!
First, how many athletes do you think are getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep the night before this workout so that their bodies are ready to train?
Sam McClellan