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Training with Dan Green

Training with Dan Green
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Coach Dan Green
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Meet the Athletes
2014 Elite - Team Green Running
26 Feb

In pursuit of the olympic trials qualifying time..

A big race has come and gone and another soon approaches. While only being 34 seconds off the Olympic Trials qualifying time this past race, it had instilled such motivation and positivity that I could hit the time this next race around! Obviously I should have been excited that I had a PR of just about a minute and a half. But then the I.d. in you breaks it down and suddenly you realize that it’s just 2 seconds off each mile! JUST 2 SECONDS! That could be as simple as your watch giving you the wrong split (Speaking from experience, just wear a simple watch and split it at each marker… GPS rarely works like it should, thus your splits being off). 

16 Feb

A word from the coach.... Feb 16th

James GilreathAs I was sitting in the hotel waiting to go to the track at Boston University for James to get a shake out, I began to think about the training necessary for consistent success in racing.  It would be great if every workout was done with ease, with the athlete nailing one interval after the other; however, if the program design is good enough to get an athlete to their goal, the work has to be a challenge.  Because it is a challenge, athletes may not be successful every time out.  Does that mean the athlete is a failure?

08 Feb

One small step for an Elite runner; One giant leap from a country boy

IT’S OFFICIAL…. I punched my ticket to Los Angeles, California for the Olympic Marathon Trials on February 13, 2016. This could not have come at a better time in my early post-collegiate career.
From the start of the USA half build up, it was a rocky road with consistency… It seemed I would put a good week of training down, then the next I’d race or I just couldn’t hit my times. Needless to say, when the time came, I managed to get my ducks in a row. The goal going into the race was to run 4:57 pace for 13.1miles through the streets of downtown Houston. The tapering for this race made my legs feel heavy and sluggish, which put some doubts in my mind at first. Knowing I’ve never been to such a competitive race and the distance being a new one to me; I expected and was ready to take the blows as they came.Jarrett LeBlanc

22 Jan

2015 Indoor Track Season

It’s about that time! The New Year is here, and indoor season is now underway.  

I am pretty excited to start hitting the faster workouts on the track that come with track season.  There is nothing like lacing up the spikes in preparation for a fast paced interval session.

15 Jan


3 more days until the U.S. Half Marathon Championships with the Chevron Houston Marathon as the host and I’ve got nothing but excitement and adrenaline running through me (pun intended). Since last year was my first time running a U.S. Championship race of any sort, the course made sure to leave a bitter taste in my mouth (You know you’ve had that feeling about a race before!). I had just gotten back from being up in Michigan for Christmas as well as tying the knot with my husband when sickness struck. I remember going for a 20 mile long run with wind chills making the temperatures fall into the single digits. It was downhill from there. I ended up getting the flu and terrible cold all before the “Big Day” and the effects lasted up until the half marathon.